Mark ‘Stone/Kennedy’ exposed as undercover police officer‏

The following post has been taken from Indymedia. There is no reason to doubt it’s authenticity. While it is sickening, it is no surprise to discover undercover police working in this way. There have been other accounts of such things happening.

Update, 25 October 2010: Fitwatch can now confirm the accuracy of following statement. Several other groups have also provided confirmation.

“Mark ‘Stone’ has been an undercover police officer from 2000 to at least the end of 2009. We are unsure whether he is still a serving police officer or not. His real name is Mark Kennedy. Investigations into this identity revealed evidence that he has been a police officer, and a face-to-face confession has confirmed this. Mark claims that he left the police force in late 2009, and that before becoming an undercover officer he was a Metropolitan police constable.

Please pass this information on to anyone who may have been in contact with Mark in the last decade, both in the UK and abroad.”

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6 Responses to Mark ‘Stone/Kennedy’ exposed as undercover police officer‏

  1. admin says:

    Comment moderation has been turned on the blog for the present. We have currently been overrun with unproven accusations which have no relevance to the posts.

    Critical comments about our posts will obviously still be posted as long as they are relevant to the post.

  2. Alamo says:

    Well done Mods, the trolling (eminating from one I.P address) was a bit tiresome.

  3. unfit says:

    According to another post on Indymedia UK, this statement has now been endorsed by the following groups, “following a meeting at the Anarchist Bookfair, where the evidence was explained and discussed in detail”:

    Scottish Activist Legal Project
    Now or Mever
    Nottingham Indymedia
    Anarchist Teapot
    NETCU watch –
    Central Animal Liberation Intelligence Unit
    Veggies Catering Campaign
    UK Action Medics

  4. unfit says:

    As one more effective endorsement, this has now been published as a feature on IMC UK.

  5. Anonymous says:

    you bunch of pricks

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