We’re back!

And with a secure server, massive coverage and a clear message that we’re here to stay.

On Monday night we received notification that our site had been suspended due to “attempting to pervert the course of justice” due to our posting offering advice to the Millbank students. Whilst the email requesting the site be closed on the basis it was being used for “criminal activity” came from DI Paul Hoare, from the Police Central e-crime Unit, the authorisation to close was given much closer to home, by acting Detective Inspector Will Hodgeson. Hodgeson, who was involved in the first Fitwatch case, and has sat through many of our trials and appeals, evidently finally had enough and decided to shut us down.

However, through totally underestimating the power of social media, this pathetic attempt has failed miserably. Within minutes of networking what had happened, people were re-publishing the post anywhere and everywhere. There are now over 100 sites carrying the original post – we haven’t managed to count them all. We have been overwhelmed by the support and solidarity and send massive thanks to everyone who’s offered to help and reposted the information. If we haven’t replied personally, it’s only because we’ve been inundated, and haven’t had time.

This was a real attempt to squash dissent and criticism of the police, as well as attempting to stifle common sense advice to protesters subject to a witch hunt by the right wing press. The solidarity given by so many people has ensured this hasn’t happened, and has shown we can fight back. Even if we were to be arrested and prosecuted now, we would still be grateful to CO11 for the amount of publicity they’ve generated for us.

We’re back, and we’re stronger than ever.

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71 Responses to We’re back!

  1. I would be interested to know how I can have my web site restored. It was being hosted by a company called Daily.com who on the basis of a complaint from Thomas Tolkien removed my site. In principal my site is structured to protect children from men like the notorious relative of Thomas who sexually molested a great number of children whilst acting as a priest in the West- Midlands. Everything I say on my site is evidentialy sound and supported by the West-Midlands family unit. The only reason Daily.com removed my site is because they have no balls and are abhorent to the principle of freedom of speech and the Internets ability to support that right.
    Please help Christopher Carrie

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks to the bungling Metropolitan Police for giving your excellent site so much free publicity, and thus bringing it to my attention! Keep up the good work! We must continue to help anyone victimised by police repression.

  3. human WITH a brain says:

    Well done, keep it up we love you :-) free indian head massage anytime you like :-) XXXXXXXXXX

  4. Robbie Pennington says:

    Well done. Glad to see you back! Keep up the good work.

  5. Peskycat says:

    Too many crooks have been cookin their books!!! Time for change…

  6. Geoff Turner says:

    Congratulations for your efforts on watching those who spy on us, and on establishing another web site. We must not let our rulers turn this into a police state.

  7. Strudders says:

    Welcome back and don’t let the buggers grind you down. :o )

  8. ET says:

    I love that it seems to be getting to the point where they can’t just screw us all over, indenture us to servitude, steal our money and censor the protests like they used to be able to. Long live the Internet!

  9. Kevin says:

    Well done for getting back online …

  10. admin says:

    For those who have asked, and those who feel able to contribute, our Paypal account is now working.

    Thanks once again for all the support people have given us. It has been an incredible few days.

  11. Bob says:

    Censorship is futile!

  12. think harder says:

    Well done! Refuse, resist!

  13. CA says:

    Very glad to see you back. Thank you for the great work you do.

  14. CA says:

    You stink

  15. teifidancer says:

    censorship never wins, regards

  16. Anonymous says:

    c’mon, stop orgasming over ‘social media’ …. not that I’m in disagreement with most of your output and work, but the dynamics of social-networks produces its own problems of representation, yadda yadda….so the site got lucky/were well connected and bing, became a viral…maybe better than disappearing into the oblivion, so things can be learnt – but lets not get ahead of ourselves!

    “censorship never wins, regards” – who is this person ‘censorship’, and on what timescale does he ‘never’ do this construct of ‘win’?

  17. Anonymous says:

    love it love them lovepolice

  18. antigtjones says:

    our day will come

  19. Polly S Mann says:

    Pork chops taste good. Bacon tastes good.

  20. It’s not crystal clear how you came back, did you merely change your web host? Is it now your own personal “secure server” that you are using?

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