Plain clothes cop at Fridays demo

Cops turning up to demos in plain clothes seems to be a regular occurence these days. These pics were taken at the Fight for Sites demo on Friday. Although he appears to have forgotten his uniform, the man pictured is Constable Mark Stoddart.

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A number of cops in plain clothes have been pictured previously turning up to demos in inappropriate dress. The following spotter card appeared on the Fitwatch blog last November – who knows, some of them might even be out again today.

If you see plain clothes cops, dont just keep it to yourself. You may want to draw attention to them – shouting ‘cop’ while jumping up and down and pointing, for instance – so that everyone knows who and where they are. The crowd around you will then be able to decide on an appropriate response…

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One Response to Plain clothes cop at Fridays demo

  1. girlyg says:

    U can spot em leaving 4 wk by foot at william St opp the ct. Highly entertaining

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