Fitwatch research and comment has been used in a variety of media outlets and stories, some of which are listed below.

Please email for any media enquiries.

Clegg aide on Secret Yard database – Sunday Times, 15 August 2010
Information used from disclosure from Fitwatch trial

Court slaps down coppers in photography case – The Register, 3 August 2010
Coverage of the acquittal of Fitwatch supporters for blocking police cameras

Protesters’ rights were violated by Met Surveillance – Evening Standard, 28 July 2010
Coverage of the acquittal of Fitwatch supporters for blocking police cameras

Police use of protest photos will face review – Financial Times, 30 June 2010
Information used from Fitwatch appeal for blocking police cameras.

We really are being watched – Morning Star, 9 June 2010
Fitwatcher quoted in article on the European Security Programme

Police intelligence may be a thing of the past – The Register, 25th November 2009
Fitwatcher quoted in article about the HMIC report ‘Adapting to Protest’

Met under fire over picture database – Financial Times, October 16 2009
Information used from disclosure and cross examination during Fitwatch trial for blocking police cameras

Can the police give up confrontation – Guardian Comment is Free, 23 July 2009
Comment by a Fitwatcher on the South Yorkshire police report into the policing of Kingsnorth

Fitwatch campaigners how they were arrested and bundled to the ground – Guardian, 21 June 2009
Predatory Policing, Guardian Comment is Free, 22 June 2009
Film raises police brutality questions – Channel 4 news, 22nd June 2009
Women’s protest arrest complaint -BBC News, 22nd June
Some of the coverage generated when The Guardian broke the story of Fitwatchers arrested and subsequently imprisoned at Kingsnorth Climate Camp.

You are being watched – New Internationalist, 1 June 2009
Fitwatchers quoted in an investigation into police surveillance and political intimidation of political activists

Watching you watching me – Guardian Comment is Free , 15 March 2009
Comment from Fitwatchers on overt surveillance and Fitwatch

Revealed: police databank on thousands of protesters – Guardian , 6 March 2009
Fitwatch research contributed to story

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