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  1. John says:

    Do you not think that after Smash EDO smashed up a Brighton business, that the FIT teams are (even slightly) justified in gathering Intel on members of EDO?

  2. Banks are Thieves! says:

    Yes. Because EDO employees are real war criminals! Proven in court even!


  3. Roadkillchicken says:

    This case does not prove that edo are war criminals. What it proves is that those on trial had an honestly held belief that they were preventing war crimes and the judge took that as mitigation.

    Also it’s best not to reference wikipedia as a source as it’s reliability is dubious at best due to it’s editability.

  4. k says:

    Children know not to blow bubbles in peoples faces,,, shame. Takes away from the things i agree with,,, i don’t agree with antagonizing, or generalizing from both sides.

  5. amias says:

    Fit goes against the notion of innocent until proven guilty and constitutes harassment

  6. rise up says:

    Police are not fit to shovel shit, time to break them up and start again.

  7. that man says:

    Biased much !!!

  8. that man says:

    there is only 1 video of british police – isn’t fitwatch.org.UK ?

  9. dear scum bags, hope your website is going well! its ironic when you get burgaled/mugged etc etc etc who do you call? the police. I’m sure your brain cells are the size of a green pea. enjoy your life…. oh yeah i would rather donate money to saddam hussain’s grave than your so called FIT WATCH!!!

  10. markthenark says:

    the CBI recommends the police need to outsource more. coming soon: Group 4 investigate murder crimes.

  11. jack says:

    @ john and roadkillchicken. EDO ARE selling missile release and guidance systems to the israelis. i was at the court case and have seen evidence of this. these are the people that need to be stopped. The people that smashed up edo only damaged property, EDO are supporting a fascist and violent regime which flouts all international law

  12. Peter says:

    Really sad to watch this video. It was a very eloquent case against what Fit does, but unfortunately there is a profound misunderstanding of what FIT teams are doing and why they’re doing it.

    It is a well known fact that protests (of all types, not just ‘political’ as was called out in the video) attract people who are not necessarily involved in the cause of the protest, but for reasons best known to themselves simply like protesting and agitation. These people are the minority who sadly are aiming to hijack very good causes for their own gratification, and include the so-called anarchist Black Bloc, and similar….

    FIT teams are tasked to gather information and intelligence on these people. To do so effectively they have to take a reasonably ‘blanket’ approach, because it is often unclear how people involve themselves in trouble until later on in an event and when CCTV, news, etc. is reviewed. They have no interest whatsoever in legitimate protesters, only those involved in or planning civil disorder. Police in UK operate broadly on basis of public consent. The vast majority of people at yesterday’s J30 march were pleased to have their protest facilitated. The people who got ‘kettled’ and arrested were anarchists who were determined to disrupt the day, had armed themselves with eggs to throw at police, and had called fairly publicly for a “day of rage” with direct action planned.

    I know it sounds crass, but why can’t everyone get along?! Police aren’t a political tool, and aren’t trying to subvert people’s right to protest. They’re just trying to combat disorder and those few people who want to use events as a way to have some fun at the expense of the broader peaceful majority. CCTV isn’t about control, nobody is having their movements actually recorded or monitored unless there is reasonably suspicion they may be about to commit, or have commited an offence. Let’s get some perspective people!

  13. Mike says:


    You are simply wrong about only people intent on criminal activity being kettled and arrested. Your comments suggest that you have not attended many political protests your self and take your views from media.

  14. Take a peep at my blog it is about the Met and non-lethal weapons

  15. liberty says:

    Oh, who are you to ask, I contact the “Justice of the Peace” if a crime is occuring, I saw a crime once, reported it including the correct act and statute and the Policeman did not care about the Law Parliament passed.

    The Police are nothing to do with law and order, thats for Beadles/Constables/Watches (which is different to Police Constables) who the Justice of the Peace are meant to appoint. Its the Justice of the Peace job under the 1361 Justice of the Peace act which is still in force.

  16. liberty says:

    Who are you to ask, I contact the “Justice of the Peace” if a crime is occuring, I saw a crime once, eported it including the correct act and statute and the Policeman did not care about the Law Parliament passed.

    The Police are nothing to do with law and order, thats for Beadles/Constables/Watches (which is different to Police Constables) who the Justice of the Peace are meant to appoint. Its the Justice of the Peace job under the 1361 Justice of the Peace act which is still in force.

  17. E Traven says:

    I don’t know what normality drug they’ve got Peter on but his assessment of political protests comes straight out of the now defunct Police Review weekly magazine. He is either a police officer or a fool or both since there isn’t much difference between the two. His ideas would be acceptable to the Famous Five and are for children only. CCTV is massively used in Britain. You can’t have a shit without being filmed by one of their cameras or so it seems. The police exist for one golden reason. To defend privilege and looting by the rich and corrupt and to persecute and prosecute everyone else. The police are not a beneficial force in our society. They are in fact an intimidatory and menacing body employed by the state to protect its interests. This has always been the case. It is the police themselves who the terrorists and are a threat to civil liberty. Read if you can back issues of Police Review and you will get a true picture of them as an alien force without any connections to the people they are monitoring and arresting. Which with the changes in parliamentary law is just about everyone. Unless you are a sheep and are prepared to be worked to death the police will take an undue interest in you. They continue to murder members of the public in cold blooded public executions. Large numbers of people have died in police custody in the past thirty years. The police are free to kill since hardly any of the swine are prosecuted and the very few that do face a judge are quickly found innocent of all charges. If you murder a member of the public or are involved in organising those murders you should face the death sentence. We won’t forget the senior ranks of the police force who are determined to kill many more of us in the future as the looting rich cause world wide mayhem. The police have a long record of causing harm to the innocent and weak. If you are not organised you will make it easier for these thugs and thieves to arrest you and imprison you. They have no lawful right to police our communities. They are an illegal entity. They spy on us and infest our estates. They are accessing all our private records. They are gangsters and should be chased out of our cities and towns. They have no legitimacy. The police are on the side of the rich and powerful. And always have been. The police hate us as testified in the pages of Police Review. They have too much power. They are out of public control. Without social democracy everything goes haywire. The police do not maintain law and order. They do the opposite. They come out of a colonial past. Their thinking is colonialised thinking. They do not have our consent. Their job is to create maximum tension and to murder anyone who steps out of line. And that’s the truth about them.

  18. Shit Stain says:

    Dear Mr. Who Are You To Ask?,

    When I am getting burgled or mugged what am I supposed to do? Tell those who are doing the burgling or mugging to stop, hang on whilst I make the call to the police, let them resume their burgling/mugging and then hope that they stick around for the justice of the long arm of the law? Fuck that! Self-defence, fuck yeah!

    I was once mugged, the police came to investigate after and I sent them packing because I am not particularly fond of coppers to say the least. So as for proclaiming that people who don’t like the police call the police when in need is absolute bullshit!

    I am sure Stephen Lawrence and Dwayne Brooks would possibly agree with that. The police turned up to a knifing incident and ended up inadvertently causing the death of the poor lad!

  19. Shit Stain says:

    Also Mr. Who Are You To Ask?,

    It is ironic that you used the ‘brain cell’ argument to imply a lack of intelligence on the part of FIT Watch. The implication being that a pea is small in size and when used as an analogy for the ‘brain cell’, implies that the person whom the insult was aimed at has small brain cells. The ironic part, a pea is bigger than a brain cell so to imply that someones brain cell’s are small by using a pea anaolgy is kind of the opposite…ya’ fuckin’ tool!

  20. Phil says:

    The fact that we rely on teh police when we are victims of crime does not excuse the police victimising people at other times. Absurd argument; I have just had excellent help from my local police regarding aggravated burglary at my home. Does that make what happened to Ian Tomlinson ok? No of course not!

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