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Confronting FIT and PLO – Fitwatch workshop at the Cuts Cafe

viagra 50 mg online ***IMPORTANT UPDATE 9/10/12: THE FITWATCH WORKSHOP AT CUTS CAFÉ HAS BEEN POSTPONED AT THE REQUEST OF THOSE MANAGING THE VENUE TODAY. We apologise to anyone who has been inconvenienced by this, but we were not able … Continue reading

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Police Liaison Officers – the new FIT

Police Liaison Officers are everywhere these days, constantly hanging around ‘engaging’ with protesters. They are being hailed as a new invention, but the role they carry out is not new at all. It’s just that it used to be done … Continue reading

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Sussex police unleash new weapon – crowd psychology

Sussex police have recently started to use new forms of repressive tactics for policing demonstrations. They seem to have taken a break from head cracking to trial what they have termed ‘Police Liaison Officers’ or PLOs at the recent Smash … Continue reading

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New PND increases police ‘data power’

The new Police National Database PND is now up and running. All of the 43 police forces can now easily and quickly share any information they hold, on a single platform. This will not only include criminal records, but all … Continue reading

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FIT cops cover up attack on Ian Tomlinson.

Two years ago, FIT cops Steve Discombe, Alan Palfrey and Ryan Cowlin stood only feet away from Ian Tomlinson when he was hit by PC Harwood, a blow which led to Tomlinson’s death.  But, according to an IPCC report out … Continue reading

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Police claim they ‘showed restraint’ at student demo.

Thousands of police were on the streets yesterday, many equipped with hard hats and weapons from the start, all intent on imprisoning protesters in a makeshift detention centre outside the houses of parliament. They viciously and repeatedly beat protesters around … Continue reading

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Call to Resist Police Data Gathering

This building up of ‘intelligence’ on political protesters must be resisted. The police have admitted building up information on police databases, and using intelligence to actively ‘disrupt’ groups or individuals involved in planning or co-ordinating protest. This is not something any of us should help them with!
Continue reading

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7000 demonstrate for the right to work as police impose strict conditions on protest.

This was, according to the police, an entirely peaceful march, with no criminal offences taking place. It was predominantly a trade union march, upbeat and with plenty of colourful banners. Yet the police still insisted on imposing strict conditions on … Continue reading

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FIT at Edinburgh

Cheers to those who have sent pics in from climate camp. Lovely contrast here between Edinburgh FIT with thier little compact camera, and Ian Caswell of the NPOIU with his long lens SLR… and quite a few minders.

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Fitwatching at Climate Camp Edinburgh

The poor old FIT coppers from the shadowy National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) seem to be having a hard time in Edinburgh this week. A video put out on you tube yesterday showed a great bit of Fitwatching by … Continue reading

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