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Mark ‘Stone/Kennedy’ exposed as undercover police officer‏

The following post has been taken from Indymedia. There is no reason to doubt it’s authenticity. While it is sickening, it is no surprise to discover undercover police working in this way. There have been other accounts of such things … Continue reading

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7000 demonstrate for the right to work as police impose strict conditions on protest.

This was, according to the police, an entirely peaceful march, with no criminal offences taking place. It was predominantly a trade union march, upbeat and with plenty of colourful banners. Yet the police still insisted on imposing strict conditions on … Continue reading

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FIT at Edinburgh

Cheers to those who have sent pics in from climate camp. Lovely contrast here between Edinburgh FIT with thier little compact camera, and Ian Caswell of the NPOIU with his long lens SLR… and quite a few minders.

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Fitwatching at Climate Camp Edinburgh

The poor old FIT coppers from the shadowy National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) seem to be having a hard time in Edinburgh this week. A video put out on you tube yesterday showed a great bit of Fitwatching by … Continue reading

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EDL trash houses and Asian businesses as they go on the rampage in Dudley

At least a couple of dozen houses, cars and local small businesses in Dudley town centre were yesterday attacked by demonstrators from the anti-Islamic English Defence League (EDL). Around two hundred EDL broke their way out of police cordons to … Continue reading

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Europe wide surveillance on ‘extremists’.

This initiative, like its predecessors in the UK, has big implications. It can only entrench suspicion that any Muslim holding non-mainstream views is automatically branded a potential terrorist. Not just Muslims, of course. We seem to be heading into a situation where anyone challenging the status quo is fair game for an increasing array of state sanctions.

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>ACPO 'extremist' units operating at Climate Camp

> The cop above is Ian Caswell, known to many of us as 1818 of South Yorkshire police – many thanks to those who have sent us his name! He is often seen in the company of PS Mark Sully, … Continue reading

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